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Email: info@superiorcleaningservices.co.uk

Company Statement for Health and Safety and COSSH Regulations

The company statement of policy on Health and Safety, as set out by the Directors reads as follows:

It is the company's intention to provide all employees with a safe place of work.

To this end it has a continuing program for the systematic development of standards and procedures concerned with the prevention of accidents and damage to health. The application of these standards and procedures is recognized as an integral part of effective resource management and supervision at all levels.

From the point of view of individual contracts the site manager or most senior supervisor is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the following is carried out.

With regard to staff under the direct management of Directors, standards of training and performance are laid down which ensure that each employee has an understanding of the equipment and chemicals which are supplied for their use, together with safe systems of work, developed for their tasks, which is sufficient for them to appreciate the risks to themselves and others which might arise from or in the course of their work.

At the start of work staff are required to check their equipment and chemicals provided for their use and report as faulty or suspicious anything which appears out of the ordinary. The operatives are instructed to remove from service these items until checked by the site supervisor or operations manager.